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"We know how uncomfortable it can be to live with nail fungus. That is why we have formulated this maximum strength treatment. We have a 60 day guarantee because we are committed to eliminated fungus for good! All orders are shipped in plain packaging and processed using a secure server. So, you can feel confident that your order is private and secure."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Fungavir better than other treatments? 
A: First, Fungavir is topical. You do not take in into you system, like many prescription drugs. So there are none of the dangerous side effects. Second, it is a strong oil based topical formula, which penetrates deep into the nail to get at the root of the problem. Fungavir  uses only the highest grade natural ingredients which enable it to penetrate deep into the nail and destroy the fungal infection. It is safe and effective.

Q: Can Fungavir be used on my fingernails?
A:  Yes, Fungavir’s special formula is safe on both toe and finger nails. 
Q: Will my nail fungus be gone quickly?
A: Although you will see improvement in the first month or two, it  may take 4 to 6 months, or even longer, for your  new nail to grow in completely. The infected and damaged nail will grow out and be replaced by the healthy new nail. If you are told that it takes only a few days or weeks, well, the human body just does not work that way. New nails take time to form and grow. The process, by nature, is a slow one. If you give up too early, the progress will stop, and the fungus can reinfect the healthy part. Keep your nails exposed to the light and air as often as possible to promote faster nail growth.

Q. How do I use the cuticle cream and nail protein?
A. Please use the cuticle cream and the nail protein on the nails that do not have nail fungus, to protect them and make sure they do not get infected. You can also use it on the infected nails after they are clean, to prevent reoccurence of the fungus. Also, never use the same clippers, scissors or nail file on the healthy nails that you have used on the nails with nail fungus.

Q. Does Fungavir eliminate all kinds of nail fungus? 
A. Yes. Fungavir can be used effectively on fingernails and toenails.  It works to eliminate fungus caused by all kind of infections including dermatophyte fungus, Candida Albicans (yeast infection) and mold.  Many people who  have had nail fungus for many years have found it very effective, as well as people who just noticed the first signs of infection. Using Fungavir as directed, you will find success no matter how mild or severe the infection is.

Q. What makes up the ingredients of Fungavir?
A. The ingredients in Fungavir can be found on the website on the page “How It Works”. You can click there to go to that page and read more about each of the natural herbal elements. 

Q. How large is a bottle of Fungavir and how long will one bottle last?
A. Fungavir comes in a .5 oz bottle. How much you need depends on how many nails are affected, how severe it is, and how fast your nail grows back. One bottle lasts about 1 month for 5-6 nails, so you can decide how many you need by how many nails need treatment. Toe-nails grow much slower than fingernails. Finger-nails take 4-6 months for the new to replace the old, while toe-nails can take 6 to 8 months or longer. It also depends on how much your feet are exposed to the light and air. To totally get rid of the fungus, you need to use it until the new nail grows in to completely replace the infected nail.

Q. Can I buy Fungavir in any stores near me? 
A. No, we have decided that Fungavir will be made available on-line or by calling their Customer Service line at 888-407-8780. It is not available in stores.

Q. Who is likely to get nail fungus? 
A. While anyone can get the fungal infection, it is more likely to occur in certain cases. Locker rooms, swimming pool shower areas and nail and pedicure salons are perfect breeding grounds for this kind of fungus.  As we age, nail fungus is more likely to appear. People who  work in a wet or humid environment, or whose hands or feet are regularly exposed to moisture, are more  likely to contract nail fungus.

Q. Can it be used to prevent nail fungus from occurring or reoccuring?
A. Yes, many people continue to use Fungavir after their nail fungus has cleared up, to prevent it from reoccurring.  Since Fungavir is made of all natural ingredients, it can be safely used  long term. Many people also use it to prevent nail fungus from infecting other nails. It is important, however, that if you use Fungavir for prevention, you do NOT use the same bottle and brush on both infected and healthy nails. 

Q. How long should I use Fungavir?
A. You should continue to use Fungavir until the new nail grows in completely.Toenails grow much slower than fingernails. To totally get rid of the fungus, you need to use it until the new nail totally grows back in. You would see results in a month or two, but you should not stop using it until the old nail is completely grown in. This may take 3 to 5 months for fingernails, and 6 to 8 months for toenails. If you stop too early, and there are still signs of fungal infection, you risk infection again. How long you should continue depends on how severe it was to start, and how long it takes for the healthy new nail to grow in.

Q. How should I apply Fungavir?
A.You brush it on the affected nail in the morning and at night. Once a week, you should rough up the surface of the nail with a nail file or emery board to remove some of the old oil product and allow the new oil to absorb better. You should also rub some of the oil into the cuticle when you use it. Please put it on at least 1/2 hour before you go to bed and before you put on socks in the morning, if it is on your toe nails, to assist in the absorption of the oil. Also, let you nails be exposed to the air and light as much as possible, to promote growth.  It is best if you brush it on at least 2 or 3 times a day which would include after you shower or bath, before you go to sleep at night, and whenever you put on socks and shoes. If you use it on fingernails, try to use it 3 times a day as well. It is important to allow Fungavir to absorb into the nail for about 1/2 hour before covering your nails
Q. I take a few medications. Can Fungavir still be used?
A. Fungavir has been formulated using only the purest natural herbs and plants. For the most part, there is no interference with medications. We have many people who take blood pressure medication, blood thinners, cholesterol  reducing medication and drugs for diabetes who use Fungavir. Also, Fungavir is topical, so it will not get into your blood stream or digestive system  the way oral medication will.  Of course, you should always consult with  your doctor if you are concerned. 

Q. If it does not work for me or I want to return it, what do I do?
A. No problem, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. We ask that you call the customer service line at 888-407-8780 to get your return authorization number. And, if you do decide to return the bottles, you must return all of the bottles, so do not throw any of them away. You will need to send back all the empty and full bottles back before 60 days. You must return all bottles, used and unused, to receive a full refund on your purchase. Please do not ship products to us after the 60 day period has expired. If you send only a portion of the bottles back, you will receive a partial refund.

Q. Can nail fungus spread to my other nails or to other people in my household?
A. Yes, for that reason, never use any utensils like clippers, scissors or nail files on your uninfected nails if they have been used on nails with nail fungus. And never let anyone in your household use your clippers either. It is important to wash your hand after touching the nails with nail fungus. And, if you get a manicure or pedicure, bring your own utensils. Never use clippers or sisors that somone else has used, or put your feet or hands into a basin used by someone else.

Q. Can I continue to use nailpolish?
A. We recommend not using nail polish during the time you use Fungavir. Your nails need time to breathe and heal and they need to be exposed to the light and air. If they are covered with nail polish, the fungus will still be growing underneath. We understand that you may want to cover up the fungus, but if you do, we can not guarantee that you will get rid of the fungus.

Questions about Shipping Fungavir

Q. How soon will my order arrive?
A. If you choose regular shipping, Fungavir is shipped by US Postal Service Priority Mail. If you place your order before 10:00am EST it will be shipped out on the day it is ordered. If you place your order after 10:00am EST, it will be sent out the next morning. It should arrive within 3 to 5 business days. All orders received after 10:00am on Friday or on the weekend will be shipped out promptly Monday morning.
We also offer FedEx 2 day delivery, as well as next day shipping in the US. FedEx shipments will be sent out the same day, if the order is received by 10:00am EST. International or Non-USA orders may also be placed on line, but may take 2-4 weeks for standard shipping, and 4-10 days for express. 

Q. What kind of Package will it arrive in?
A: All packages are shipped discreetly. There is no information on the outside that identifies the product inside. 
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